Vue Upload Version 1 Released

Jul 15 2018

Vue.js JavaScript Plugin

Version 1 of the light weight file upload plugin for Vue.js released.

Regex Fiddler App Released

Jul 06 2018

Vue.js JavaScript Regex

A new regular expression testing and sharing app written in Vue.js and Laravel.

Vue.js File Upload Plugin

Feb 10 2017

Vue.js JavaScript Plugin

A simple, intuitive and light weight file upload plugin for Vue.js

Vue.js Global Event Store

Jan 08 2017

Vue.js JavaScript Plugin

Creating a simple global event store for Vue.js compatible with versions 1 and 2.

Vue.js Plugins Galore

Dec 06 2016

Vue.js JavaScript Plugin

Release of a few Vue.js plugins and components for very common usage such as file uploads, forms, modals and global messaging.

Announcing Vue.js JWT Auth Plugin

May 14 2016

Vue.js JavaScript Plugin

A simple elegant authentication plugin for Vue.js supporting, login, remember me, and social functionality for Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Creating a Laravel 5.x Package :: Part 6 - Misc

Dec 29 2015

Laravel Package Creating a Laravel 5.x Package

In Part 6 we discuss some extra features of package development in Laravel. Some of these are more general concepts but will aid you when developing Laravel pacakges.

Setting Up Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates

Dec 18 2015

Security SSL

A short guide on how to generate and install SSL Certificates using let's encrypt using letsencrypt command for both the GUI and the command line.

QuoteyQuote Laravel 5 App Released

Dec 17 2015

Laravel Release

QuoteyQuote is a new app created by Websanova. It features some nice features like the ability to share quotes with your friends on the platform.

Homestead with sFTP and Sublime Text

Sep 10 2015

Homestead Laravel Sublime

Using Homestead for Laravel development is great however there can be some issues with the NFS. A good option is to use sftp to avoid these issues.

Speeding up Homestead on Windows Using NFS

Sep 07 2015

Homestead Laravel

Homestead is a great way to get a packaged environment for your Laravel packages. However for Windows we will need to setup NFS to get it our page load times to an appropriate level.

Websanova url.js v2.0.0 for Web and Node.js Released

Sep 04 2015

Node.js JavaScript

The websanova url.js parser has released version 2.0.0. The new version now features the much anticipated tld and sub domain support.

Creating a Laravel 5.x Package :: Part 5 - Unit Testing

Aug 29 2015

Laravel Package Creating a Laravel 5.x Package

In Part 5 we cover a neglected area in package development. If we want others contributing fixes and updates to our package then unit testing will become crucial.

Websanova EasyCache for Laravel Released

Aug 29 2015

Laravel Package

Websanova EasyCache Released for Laravel version 5.x. EasyCache is a simple on demand caching extension for laravel similar to get() and find(). It extends Laravel to also allow cache().

Creating a Laravel 5.x Package :: Part 4 - Database Migrations and Seeding

Aug 28 2015

Laravel Package Creating a Laravel 5.x Package

In Part 4 we cover setting up our database. We then get into migrations and seeding data between our package and an app.

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