Creating a Laravel 5.x Package :: Part 6 - Misc

Dec 29 2015

Laravel Package Creating a Laravel 5.x Package

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    SQLite on Homestead

    If you're using Homestead for Laravel and you decided to create a package you may be wondering how can I access my sqlite database inside of homestead. Fortunately there is a convenient drop in script we can use for this.

    You can gab the latest version and just drop the phpliteadmin.php and the phpliteadmin.config.php files in the public folder. There is not much you need to change in the config file.

    $password = 'homestead';
    $directory = '../storage';
    $databases = array(
            'path'=> 'database.sqlite',
            'name'=> 'Homestead'

    Really you just need to set the $directory and $databases variables and you're good to go. For developing packages locally this is great. Now just navigate to your wherever you are serving your app from.


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