10 Reasons Why Laravel is Better Than CodeIgniter

Feb 11 2014

Laravel CodeIgniter

Yep another post on why you should switch to Laravel from CodeIgniter. I’ve been using CodeIgniter for about three years now and still continue to do so on some projects. However since I decided to finally give Laravel a whirl, it’s been no looking back.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Programmers :: Production vs Production Capability

Sep 16 2013


From tips on effectiveness from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People I wanted to take the concepts to programming. How can we apply these strategies to become better programmers.

wPaint 2.0 Released!

Sep 03 2013

jQuery Plugin JavaScript

It’s been long overdue but wPaint 2.0 is finally out. The 1.0 stream was doing well but I was getting continually emailed with feature requests, and bugs particularly on mobile. With this release wPaint has been completely rewritten from the ground up.

10 Shapes to Extend HTML5 Canvas

Aug 14 2013

JavaScript HTML5

Today we extended HTML5 Canvas to easily allow drawing some shapes through the use of simple methods.

One Virtual Host to Rule Them All

Aug 13 2013


We have quite a few plugins on Websanova now and it was becoming cumbersome to constantly add new VirtualHost directives for each new plugin. We wanted to automate and streamline this a little bit so that we could just drop in a plugin folder and automatically have it served by Apache with no additional configuration.

MySQL Full-Text Search

Jul 25 2013

MySQL Search

He was using a LIKE query with wild cards % to build his search. But this is actually not a good way to do search especially on large tables with lots of data.

A More Powerful Trim()

Jul 17 2013

JavaScript jQuery

I came across the situation the other day where I needed to trim a string. However I didn’t need to trim white space characters, I needed to trim some dollar ($) sign characters.

Websanova JavaScript Extensions Project

Jul 16 2013

jQuery JavaScript

After finally catching up with a bunch of things on the blog we finally had a chance to work on the extensions page and got it up and running.

Custom Events Using the jQuery Special Events API

Jul 15 2013

jQuery JavaScript

It’s not often we need our own jQuery events, but when we do it’s nice to know we can create an elegant solution that behaves like any other event would.

wForm - Awesome jQuery Form Plugins

Jul 09 2013

jQuery Plugin JavaScript

After introducing our wChar, wCheck, wInput and wSelect jQuery form plugin separately over the past couple weeks we have decided it’s only fit to show all the plugins working in harmony together.

wInput - A jQuery Input Text and Textarea Plugin

Jul 06 2013

jQuery Plugin JavaScript

This is a simple plugin for text boxes and textarea inputs that gives us clean looking text boxes and takes care of backwards compatibility for placeholder attributes.

jQuery .mousestop() Event Plugin

Jul 03 2013

jQuery Plugin JavaScript

It’s not very often we think about triggering a stop event over an element. But perhaps that is because the event has never existed in JavaScript.

wSelect - A jQuery Select Box Plugin

Jul 03 2013

jQuery Plugin JavaScript

The current state of select boxes on the web are just plain ugly and limited in functionality. We wanted to create a select box plugin that could be fully customizable in appearance for one.

JavaScript ParseInt Radix

Jul 02 2013


Today I came across an error while I was linting my Intelligent RGB / HEX Converter Plugin code about requiring a radix value for parseInt(). After a quick look up on Google I could see that excluding this parameter could lead to some rather nasty bugs in your code.

wCheck - jQuery Radio & Checkbox Input Plugin

Jul 01 2013

jQuery Plugin JavaScript

I find that the appearance of radio and checkbox inputs has always been limited. Some browsers have allowed some modification of these elements but for the most part it’s quite difficult to get them to look good and fit in with more colorful designs.

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