Vue Upload Changes 1.x


  • Out of beta
  • Update for Vue 3 compatibility via separate install (Check Startup Guide for more details on usage).
  • Added v3 demo with composition api usage.
  • Update bind logic to not pass context, use arrow function instead () => {} to bind local context.
  • The /drivers folder has been moved into /src/drivers.
  • Renamed x.common.js distributed files to x.cjs.js.



  • Clean up and update build.


  • Fix to add check on input destroy.
  • Fix http abort.
  • Fix dropzone bug.


  • Update file max select to not add error to global errors stack.
  • Update onSelect to also pass error argument on max-select error.
  • Fix onEnd being called properly at end.
  • Fix onError being called twice.
  • Add vue.upload instance reference.
  • Fix issue with upload starting when calling file.clear().


  • Fix to rebind when updating option functions.
  • Add special case when setting dropzone id option to reset dropzone instance.
  • Add option for accept file types.
  • Fixed option setting for instance, in particular with url and body.
  • Added preview() method to files for generating raw data format. Useful for image previews.
  • Added $raw field for files for storing raw data. Note this will be null until preview() is called.
  • Fixed validation for when startOnSelect is set to false. The files will validate and set an error but remain in queue state.


  • Update version to 1.0.x.
  • The new method has been changed to on.
  • The reset method just resets all variables and queues/sets now.
  • A new bind method is now available rebind any context.
  • A new off method is available to unbind and delete all references (dropzone, inputs, etc).
  • All status properties have been changed to state at file and global level.
  • Added state and percent methods (just shortcuts for meta.percentComplete and meta.state).
  • Global state values are now ready, uploading, complete. This is the value provided by meta.state.
  • File state values are now queue, progress, upload, error, success witch align directly with the files() sets.
  • The files() method now contains all, queue, progress, upload, error, success sets. The complete set has been dropped.
  • Max file size check has been changed from Kilobytes to bytes.
  • Event order is now onSelect, onStart, onQueue, onProgress, onUpload, onError, onSuccess, onComplete, onEnd.
  • Pressing cancel in the file select dialog now does not fire any events.
  • The parseErrors format is now a single object not an array of objects. Reason being that an error is likely to be either file size or extension or system error. So really no reason to stack errors here.
  • The error format has changed to {code: 'someCode', msg: 'someMsg'}. The message param has been changed to msg.
  • The callbacks have been update to always return the file first instead of a response then file. So onSuccess(file, res) instead of onSuccess(res, file). This is just for more consistency since most of the function do not have a response.