Vue Upload Guides Demos

The demos follow the standard Vue setup using vue-cli.

By default the demos use a public demo server for the API which helps to facilitate a more realistic flow. Currently there is no sever demo code being released at this time.

The @websanova/vue-upload package is an alias to the root folder and not actually installed.

Vue 2.x

Check the live demo online.

> git clone vue-upload
> cd vue-upload/demos/2.x
> cp .env.sample .env.local
> npm install
> npm run dev

Vue 3.x

Will eventually set this up once a stable release of Vue 3 is out.


By default the demo is setup to run with the vue-resource package.

To run it with Axios you will need to comment swap in two files.

> /src/http/index.js
> /scr/config/plugins.js