Vue Upload Guides Startup

File uploads is going to be one of the most common features an application will need. The plugin aims to simplify single and multi file uploads.


  • Drag and drop file zone.
  • Progress indicators.
  • Synchronous or asynchronous modes.
  • Validation


Install the package via npm.

> sudo npm install @websanova/vue-upload


The default install is for ES6 module syntax.

import Vue           from 'vue';
import VueUpload     from '@websanova/vue-upload';
import VueUploadHttp from '@websanova/vue-upload/dist/drivers/http/vue-resource.esm.js';

Vue.use(VueUpload, {
    http: VueUploadHttp
    // options

Also supports ES5 require syntax.

var Vue           = require('vue');
var VueUpload     = require('@websanova/vue-upload');
var VueUploadHttp = require('@websanova/vue-upload/dist/drivers/http/vue-resource.common.js');

Vue.use(VueUpload, {
    http: VueUploadHttp
    // options

HTTP Drivers

You will need to hook up an http driver to facilitate requests to the api.

The plugin ships with a vue-resource and Axios driver out of the box.

It's best to take a look at the demo for a complete setup with either plugin.