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Wordpress MySQL Setup Commands

Article covering the necessary MySQL commands to execute in order to setup wordpress.

Install PHP on CentOS

Article covering the installation of PHP on CentOS.

Getting Wordpress to Work With Nginx

Article describing getting Wordpress to work with Nginx web server.

Nginx Catch All Rewrite

Article covering a how to setup a catch all rewrite in Nginx.

Wordpress on Multiple Ports

Article covers setting up wordpress on multiple ports for use with multiple web severs on the same system.

Setting up PHP With Nginx

Article covers setting up PHP with Nginx and FastCGI on CentOS.

Install and Configure Nginx on CentOS

Article covers installing and configuring nginx web server on CentOS Linux.

SVN Conflicts

Article covers reading and handling conflicts in svn (subversion).

SVN Command Reference

Article covers list of common svn (subversion) commands along with how and when to apply them.

SVN Best Practices

Article covers some of the best practices with SVN (subversion) via the command line.

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