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Websanova is Tracking

After seeing a little spike in traffic on Analytics I did some further investigation. Lo and behold Websanova is tracking!

Writing Unit Tests in Node.js

An important part of Node.js will be writing unit tests for your apps and it’s modules. Like most of Node.js the basics of setting this up is a snap and you can begin writing unit tests in not time.

Creating a New Node.js Project

So you've decided to dive into Node.js but you're not quite sure how to start. This article covers the simple process of getting your feet wet with Node.js.

Serving pages dynamically with Node.js

Setting up a basic HTTP server in Node.js is as simple as copy and pasting five lines of code. However if we will want to create something more appropriate for websites and handle our pages more dynamically.

Installing Node.js with Nginx Proxy

Node.js is great for serving app. But it becomes cumbersome to deal with static files. It's much better to let an existing server such as Nginx handle this which it already does so well.

10 Reasons Why Laravel is Better Than CodeIgniter

Yep another post on why you should switch to Laravel from CodeIgniter. I’ve been using CodeIgniter for about three years now and still continue to do so on some projects. However since I decided to finally give Laravel a whirl, it’s been no looking back.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Programmers :: Production vs Production Capability

From tips on effectiveness from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People I wanted to take the concepts to programming. How can we apply these strategies to become better programmers.

wPaint 2.0 Released!

It’s been long overdue but wPaint 2.0 is finally out. The 1.0 stream was doing well but I was getting continually emailed with feature requests, and bugs particularly on mobile. With this release wPaint has been completely rewritten from the ground up.

10 Shapes to Extend HTML5 Canvas

Today we extended HTML5 Canvas to easily allow drawing some shapes through the use of simple methods.

One Virtual Host to Rule Them All

We have quite a few plugins on Websanova now and it was becoming cumbersome to constantly add new VirtualHost directives for each new plugin. We wanted to automate and streamline this a little bit so that we could just drop in a plugin folder and automatically have it served by Apache with no additional configuration.

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