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Manually adding PHP Versions to WAMP

The article details manually adding additional PHP versions to a WAMP install.

Timezones, the Right Way

Covers handling timezones in MySql

Simple, Lighweight jQuery Pagination Plugin

A simple lightweight jQuery pagination plugin. Comes with ajax support allowing you to customize for your needs.

jQuery .clear() – Clearing Element Contents Using a Timer

This is a handy little method to have laying around. It allows you to populate an element and clear it after a certain amount of time.

jQuery .cssAll() – Retrieving Multiple CSS Properties

The current implementation of the .css() method in jQuery allows us to set multiple properties to an element, but only allows us to pull one property at a time.

How to Stay Relevant

Staying relevant in the technology industry can be difficult, it seems there are so many new things to keep up with, let alone keeping up with the technologies you already know.

JavaScript URL Parser

Sample code and demo of the Websanova JavaScript url parser.

The Ultimate Guide to Writing jQuery Plugins

An article outlining in detail jQuery plugin development.

Two Reasons a Project Will Keep You Motivated

An article describing motivation during a project and two main factors that keep one motivated.

How to Design a REST API and Why You Should

Detailing the process of designing a REST API and why you should build one in the first place.

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