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12 Awesome jQuery Selector Extensions

List of 12 jQuery selectors for extending jQuery.

16 Step jQuery Plugin Development Lifecycle

Article outlines 16 steps involved in th jQuery plugin development lifecycle.

10 Coding Tips to Write Superior jQuery Plugins

A guide with some useful tips for writing elegant jQuery plugins.

10 Simple Guidelines for Writing jQuery Plugins

Article discussing 10 simple guidelines for writing elegant jQuery plugins.

Wordpress MySQL Setup Commands

Article covering the necessary MySQL commands to execute in order to setup wordpress.

Install PHP on CentOS

Article covering the installation of PHP on CentOS.

Getting Wordpress to Work With Nginx

Article describing getting Wordpress to work with Nginx web server.

Nginx Catch All Rewrite

Article covering a how to setup a catch all rewrite in Nginx.

Wordpress on Multiple Ports

Article covers setting up wordpress on multiple ports for use with multiple web severs on the same system.

Setting up PHP With Nginx

Article covers setting up PHP with Nginx and FastCGI on CentOS.

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