Url.js for Node is Finally Here

2014-04-01 Node.js JavaScript

You asked for it, so here it is. A few of the valiant readers of Websanova have been asking me for a Node version of the tiny but popular url.js library I had written some time ago. A few attempts were made to use the existing library into Node but it seems it’s not that straight forward. As I’ve been learning a lot of Node lately I have finally ported it over and you can find it on both GitHub and the official NPM directory at the links below.

Unfortunately there was already a package named url so I had to call it something else. I ended up going with wurl but you can still attach it to any variable name you like.

You can include it in your project by running:

npm install wurl

Don’t forget web JavaScript and jQuery versions of the URL parser are also available on the Websanova GitHub page.

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