Vue Auth Version 3 Released

2020-04-06 JavaScript Vue.js

The long awaited vue-auth version 3 is finally updated and released. Highlighted below are some of the key updates. However, it's best to check the 2.x to 3.x Upgrade Guide for more details on the full list of changes.

Hope everyone enjoys the new version.

Key Updates


Perhaps the most requested update has been to improve the documentation. With this new release comes a complete rewrite of the documentation. The docs have also been transferred to the main site and off of GitHub which helps improve readability and maintenance moving forward.


The demos have also been completely updated. They now work much better as a standalone app with the latest vue-cli. It also creates a nice little alias to the local source which makes it much easier to update and test changes out.


Although promises did partially already exist, they have been cleaned u a lot. There is a lot more consistent model with functions returning a Promise. They will also execute in proper sequence if a set of chained events occurs. For instance register with auto login and an auto user fetch. These events will now fire off in proper order and the Promise resolve once all are complete.

Vue 3

The plugin has yet to be fully tested with Vue.js version 3. For the most part it should work, but will likely need some updates. Will be doing a new v3 demo once a stable release of Vue.js 3 comes out.

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