Jan 25 2015 - I’ve had a little more time in the new year and have started restoring a lot of the old artcles from my blog. Hopefully will be done a full restore in the next few days. I’ve also added a Plugins and Books page that list some of my old plugins and my jQuery Plugin Development ebook.

So far Digital Ocean has been holding up quite well for hosting my new projects and I’m pretty happy with the ease of setup I had in the first place. No issues to report and I’m glad to have the blog up on GitHub as well.

Dec 4 2014 - As you can tell the Websanova Blog looks a bit different. I went through some serious issues on my Linode server. It was complaining about memory so I tried upgrading the “free” migration to the latest and greatest servers. Well apparently the server didn’t qualify for free and to get my whole setup redone it was gonna cost $300 big ones. I was about to fork it over but the service from the admins was slow and not that great. They constantly missed things I was asking for.

So long story short I ended up switching all my projects over to a Digital Ocean droplet. They have a nice pre built Debian LAMP server with all the latest and greatest including php 5.5 with opcache out of the box. It took a couple hours to get the rest setup and a few more to migrate the projects over. Not bad and saved $300 books or more possibly.

As for the blog there was some strange data loss causing some abnormal behaviour with the blog. I was able to pull my articles out of the database but will have to go through a manual migration to the new blog. Fortunately I’ve been meaning to switch the blog over to GitHub pages for some time anyway so this served as the perfect reason to do it.

Hope you enjoy the new (much simpler) format. As for the old posts I’ll probably only pull out a select few of the better ones. I’ll also be featuring a news section here on the front page for some updates that I don’t feel our actual technical blog articles.


Websanova is my personal brand and blog that I use to post articles about web development. This will range from anything to MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, REST, Laravel and anything else in between.

I was for a while heavily intersted in jQuery and writing plugins which you can check out on the GitHub page.

I’ve also published a very small guide with publisher in30Minutes under the name jQuery Plugin Development in 30 Minutes.