Advertise With Us

The ads are organized into 14 100x100 pixel slots with 7 along the top and 7 along the bottom. Slots positioned towards the center are priced higher as they will persisit through smaller screen sizes.

The prices for each slot and screen size are outlined below. For any further questions or interests in advertising with us, please visit our contact page and give us a shout.

Slot Screen Price
T7 >= 778px $15/month
T1 >= 678px $20/month
T6 >= 578px $25/month
T2 >= 478px $30/month
T5 >= 378px $35/month
T3 >= 278px $40/month
T4 All $45/month
B7 >= 778px $7/month
B1 >= 678px $10/month
B6 >= 578px $12/month
B2 >= 478px $15/month
B5 >= 378px $17/month
B3 >= 278px $20/month
B4 All $22/month