Websanova works on a direct advertising model which cuts out the middleman. We offer serveral default ad slots but are open to custom placements as well. Please contact us for more details or questions.

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The best way to get in touch is to send a quick message using the contact form. Our response times are usually within 24 hours. Don't hesitate to reach out, we look forwarding to hearing from you.

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Along with our professional work, Websanova has many popular open source projects for JavaScript, Vue and Laravel. Take a look at our portfolio to get an idea of what we do.

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The RGB to HEX util is a simple function that accepts any valid RGB or HEX code and attempts to auto converts it. The docs describe usage and some limitations for it's use.

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The JS URL util is a simple function accepting only two parameters. The docs describe the various syntax sugaring shortcuts available for quickly parsing a url.

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Vue Auth

Authentication is an essential part of many applications. The Vue auth library aims to simplify this process with a set of sensible shortcut methods. The doc outlines the methods and parameters available.

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Vue Knob

As most use cases for a knob are quite simple, the Vue knob component works intuitively out of the box. The docs highlight many common use case scenarios to help you get the precise knob interactivity required.

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Vue Upload

Uploading files whether they are simple avatar images or larger documents is a common function many applications jave. The docs detail the plugins available functions and usage.

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Creating a Laravel 5.x Package

Laravel packages are a great and easy way to seamlessly extend the framework with new features. This series is a set of step by step posts on how to create and maintain Laravel packages.

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The JS URL library offers a lot of syntax sugaring allowing you to quickly parse complex URL structures. The util demo allows you to input a url and see how the parsing happens in real time.

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The RGB to HEX utility demo showcases the auto detect and covert function in action. Simply enter any RGB or HEX code an watch the magic happen before your eyes.

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