wChar - An Elegant JQuery Character Counter Plugin

Jun 29 2013

jQuery Plugin JavaScript

Character Counters have always bothered me during development as I was never able to find a good place for them. Sometimes I had forms with multiple inputs and having a little character counter bubble above each one just made the form look bloated and messy.

An Intelligent JavaScript RGB to HEX Converter

Jun 26 2013


It’s not very often I need an rgb / hex converter in my apps or to convert a color code quickly, but when I do I find there are never any good tools around to do it quickly.

How to Setup Grunt.js

Jun 24 2013

Grunt.js JavaScript

I have never really gotten into using Grunt, but once I got it going I found out how great it is at automating so many tasks like linting, testing and minifying my files.

Flippant.js JavaScript Plugin

Jun 23 2013

JavaScript Plugin

This is an awesome little plugin that I just came across recently that creates a flip animation on virtually any element on your screen.

Steve Jobs - Secrets of Life

Jun 23 2013


Great video with Steve Jobs reflecting on what is most important in life. This is a great quote that really caught my attention.

Websanova Redux

Jun 17 2013


After a bit of a break from Websanova we’re finally back with a redesign and some new plugins which we will be showcasing in the following week.

Websanova wModal jQuery Plugin

Jan 28 2013

jQuery Plugin JavaScript

Most of the jQuery modal plugins out there had either not enough options, or too many and weren’t too flexible either way.

Installing PHP oAuth on Windows

Jan 12 2013

PHP oAuth

The article details installing PHP oAuth on Windows.

Manually adding PHP Versions to WAMP

Jan 12 2013


The article details manually adding additional PHP versions to a WAMP install.

Timezones, the Right Way

Dec 12 2012


Covers handling timezones in MySql

Simple, Lighweight jQuery Pagination Plugin

Nov 18 2012

jQuery Plugin JavaScript

A simple lightweight jQuery pagination plugin. Comes with ajax support allowing you to customize for your needs.

jQuery .clear() – Clearing Element Contents Using a Timer

Nov 13 2012

jQuery JavaScript

This is a handy little method to have laying around. It allows you to populate an element and clear it after a certain amount of time.

jQuery .cssAll() – Retrieving Multiple CSS Properties

Nov 06 2012

jQuery JavaScript

The current implementation of the .css() method in jQuery allows us to set multiple properties to an element, but only allows us to pull one property at a time.

How to Stay Relevant

Nov 04 2012


Staying relevant in the technology industry can be difficult, it seems there are so many new things to keep up with, let alone keeping up with the technologies you already know.

JavaScript URL Parser

Oct 27 2012


Sample code and demo of the Websanova JavaScript url parser.

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