Vue Auth / Changes / 1.x


  • Added auth driver for "devise".
  • Updated docs to include info about parsing user data from server.


  • Simplified support for auth drivers.


  • Add support for sub route auth matching via parent in Vue 2.


  • Token parameters now accept request and response params instead of name.
  • Support for Vue 2 auth in meta of route.


  • Module renamed to vue-auth from vue-jwt-auth.
  • Package name is scoped through @websanova/vue-auth now.
  • Added demo with lots of sample code.
  • Added demo server ( available on GitHub (
  • Any default data for a request is an object now that goes directly into the http method. So it can be called with whatever parameters the method supports.
  • All success and error functions will contain proper context from Vue component.
  • Redirects can be objects now, so you can do a redirect as a /path or {name: 'object'} etc.
  • There is now a new register call with the option to auto login on success.
  • The auth parameter in routes and the check() method now support objects for checking more complicated roles.
  • Better handling for invalid tokens.
  • All functions are overridable now.
  • There is a driver file for vue which supports the binding between the plugin and framework. This allows multiple drivers and overrides for any issues between versions in the future and allows full backward compatibility.
  • Reverted from using Vue in the base code and just went back to regular JavaScript (was not really a good idea).
  • Any functions, fields parameters that involve logging in a secondary user are called other now.
  • Actions can now be performed as "admin" user when logged in as "other" user by using disabledOther and enableOther.
  • The login, oauth2, etc all have their own default parameters now.
  • Removed google and facebook functions just use oauth2 method now.
  • The logout method can now perform an api request if makdeRequest is set to true.
  • Switch to Vanilla Javascript (for development). Had some issues with using fancy ES6 syntax.
  • Support for drivers allowing more flexibility between different versions (this is still in development).
  • Two auth drivers which are named bearer and basic.
  • A fetch call has been added allowing the user to be reset.
  • Now supports a "loose" driver based model for authentication allowing for some customization of request/response intercepts for requests.
  • The token function will return current function or called with other or default will return the appropriate token.
  • Checking token expiration (base64 decode) has been removed. Since a refresh will not occur often for SPA it was a bit too much extra code. Will need to do it custom if it's really necessary.
  • Reduced file size.
  • Simpler consistent code base.
  • Properly packaged and minified distribution.
  • General bug fixes and improvements.