Vue Auth / Changes / 3.x

If you are still on 2.x please visit the (very short) 2.x to 3.x Upgrade Guide.


  • Add src/auth.d.ts typscript definitions file.
  • Bug fixes and tweaks in demo.
  • Update packages in demo.
  • Out of beta.


  • Add support for dot notation when specifying role key.
  • Fix options.authRedirect typo.
  • Clean up for 401/403 support in Axios driver and demo.
  • Add Axios support to demo.
  • Update build with common js, es5 and es6 distributed files.


  • Fix for proper staySignedIn functionality (when impersonating).
  • Fix auto login on register to pass data through correctly to login method.
  • Fix transition redirects not being set properly.
  • Update to "remove" instead of "set" token if null value is set.
  • Update to allow null value for user and token methods.
  • Update to allow functions in route redirects (in both auth meta and plugin options).
  • Add options.cookie params for setting cookie options, check Cookies Guide for more info.
  • Rename getDomain to getCookieDomain to work with cookie options.
  • Fix for rememberkey typo (should be rememberKey with capital "K").


  • Fix for staySignedIn selection and storage for refresh and return.
  • Add staySignedInKey option for storing selection during login.


Potential Breaking Changes:

  • Calling $auth.user() will now return null if not set.
  • There are no more success/error callback functions, instead use a promise.
  • The $auth.ready() no longer accept a callback function, use $auth.load().then() promise instead.
  • The "remember me" functionality has changed to only remember some basic data for a returning "welcome" message.
  • The rememberMe has been renamed to remember.
  • Simplified "OAuth2" setup with drivers (check upgrade guide for more details).
  • The localStorage option for tokenStore has been renamed to storage.
  • The sessionStorage option for tokenStore has been merged in with the storage option.
  • The tokenDefaultName and tokenImpersonateName options have been renamed to tokenDefaultKey and tokenImpersonateKey respectively.
  • The tokenStore option has been renamed to stores.
  • No more underscore prefix on driver functions. This applies to http and router drivers.
  • Everything changed to proper es6 module imports.
  • Internal function renaming and lib clean up.
  • Removed internal function exposing.


  • Docs have been vastly improved.
  • The 2.x demo has been updated to use vue-cli and should work much better as standalone demo now.
  • A Vuex sample module has been included in the 2.x demo.
  • New $auth.load() function.
  • New "staySignedIn" flag has been added to login in replacement of the rememberMe option.
  • New $auth.remember() function.
  • New $auth.unremember() function.
  • Calling $auth.login() will attempt to set user if fetchUser is disabled.
  • There are now oauth2 drivers which ships with Facebook and Google drivers.


  • Fix for SameSite cookie warnings which is now set to SameSite=None to allow for CORS.
  • Fix for $auth.impersonating(), $auth.ready() and $auth.user() to return properly reactive binded var.