Vue Auth / Options / Request

The options outlined here are options used in specific method calls.


@return Object|String

Specify the default router route redirect to use.


@return Boolean

Specify whether to fetch a user or not after a request.

For instance after login or oauth2 requests.


@return Boolean

Specify whether the token data stored will be long lived or not.

Meaning does it expire after the browser is closed or not.


@return Boolean

Specify when the user should be auto logged in.

Used in register method.


@return String

Specify a bit of string data to remember during login or register.

This is a dynamic opiton that should be set during the method call.


@return Boolean

Specify whether to trigger an API call first.

In some cases such as with logout or unimpersonate a request to the API may not be required.


@return Boolean

Specify whether a feature is enabled.

Primarily used with refresh and fetch methods.


@return Integer

Specity interval length for a feature.

This is used primarily to keep tokens alive while a user is active on the app.