Vue Auth / Recipes / Remember Me Vs. Stay Signed In

The rememberMe option wash changed in version 3 to better reflect security concerns and the more widespread use of password managers.

The current usage is outlined below.

Remember Me

In actuality "remember me" can mean different things to different people. In the vue-auth plugin it is used as way to store some basic data about a user for when they return to login.

For instance, we may want to store a name for some kind of "Welcome back, Rob" message.

By default the remember data will be stored until the app clears it using $auth.unremember() or when setting remember to null or false during login.


Stay Signed In

The staySignedIn option on login tells the vue-auth plugin how long to store the authentication token for. In this case setting it to true will store it for future use. Setting it to false will clear the token after the browser closes.

When setting the value to false the token will still remain on browser refresh.