Vue Knob / Changes / 0.x


  • Add slider-snap-to toggle option (default false).
  • Fix for slider to not snap when in slider mode.
  • Add "slider" support to allow wider range of values with min/max. This still supports anchor / labels which can be included but will only use the first and last values in the options array as the bounds.
  • Updated rounding on anchor angles to now be by two decimal places.
  • Updated index-skip option to skip-angle which goes by angle instead of options indexes. This makes it much easier to specify the tolerance for a rotation. This works especially well where the knob may be used as a two value switch.


  • Remove unnecessary html parameter, use label directly for all cases.
  • Fixes for demos.
  • Add "ranges" support for label and anchor hiding.


  • Fix angles css to be inline.
  • Initial release.