10 Awesome jQuery Tag Cloud Plugins

2012-04-09 jQuery

This is a collection of jQuery tag clouds (or word clouds if you like) plugins. They range from simple old fashioned clouds to more complex 3D rotating clouds with zoom built in. Notable ones include Awesome Cloud that looks great on large sets of words and Goat 1000's HTML5 3D rotator cloud. Whether you are looking for something simple or more complex they all look fantastic so make sure to try out their demos as many contain some interesting effects. Without further adieu, here are 10 pretty awesome jQuery tag cloud plugins in no particular order.

CSS Globe Tag Cloud

This is a nice simple looking little tag cloud that comes with some interesting css and sorting options.


Author Site: Tag Clouds - Styling and Adding Sort Options

Pritaes jQuery Tag Cloud

This is a pretty standard standard looking tag cloud but comes with some nice options to shape and color code your clouds.


Author Site: Prataes jQuery Tag Cloud

Goat 1000 Tag Canvas

This is a really cool HTML5 canvas based tag cloud that rotates in 3D. What's even cooler is that you can zoom in and out of the tag cloud!


Author Site: TagCanvas - HTML5 Canvas Tag Cloud

Awesome Cloud

This is a great little tag cloud plugin to generate words into some nice looking shapes.


Author Site: IndyArmy jQuery Awesome Cloud

Rohit Singh Segar Tag Cloud Plugin

This is an interesting little tag cloud plugin which on the surface seems pretty straight forward. However make sure to check out his online demo as he has created some interesting effects with the tags.


Author Site: jQuery Tag Cloud Plugin

Dyna Cloud

If you're looking for a nice looking straight forward tag cloud plugin this is the one for you.


Author Site: DynaCloud - dynamic tag cloud with jQuery

AddyWaddy Tag Cloud

This is another straight forward tag cloud that looks fantastic, sometimes simple is good.


Author Site: AddyWaddy jQuery Tag Cloud


This is a pretty neat little tag cloud that's definitely good to take a look at, it rotates in 3D but in a weird spacial way.


Author Site: jCloud Tag Cloud Plugin


This is a nice circle tag cloud plugin that has a very nice look to it out of the box.


Author Site: jQCloud Word Clouds

HTMLdrive 3D Tag Cloud

This is another 3D rotating cloud however it doesn't have continual rotation, it seems to always rotate to whatever you're trying to click.


Author Site: jQuery Rotating 3D Tag Cloud

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