jQuery .cssAll() – Retrieving Multiple CSS Properties

2012-11-06 jQuery JavaScript

The current implementation of the .css() method in jQuery allows us to set multiple properties to an element, but only allows us to pull one property at a time. This is a little function I wrote for myself as I found myself sometimes wanting to pull more than one CSS property from an element at a time to assign to one or more other elements. It returns an object that can then easily be passed into another element using the .css() method.

We can pull all the values by simply calling the .cssAll() method like so:

var css = $('#elem').cssAll('color,backgroundColor,opacity,height,lineHeight');

By using the colon (:) we can also map a property to a name to make it a little easier to assign values to our second element:

var css = $('#elem').cssAll('color,backgroundColor,opacity,

A full example might look something like this:

<div id="cssAll" style="color:red;backgroundColor:blue;height:20px;">First Div</div>
<div id="cssAll2">Second Div</div>

<script type="text/javascript">
    var cssAll = $('#cssAll').cssAll('color,backgroundColor,opacity,height,lineHeight:height');

Here is the code for the method below:

    $.fn.cssAll = function(css)
        var obj = {};

            var css = css.split(',');
            var params = [];

            for(var i=0,ii=css.length; i<ii; i++)
                params = css[i].split(':');

                obj[$.trim(params[0])] = $(this).css($.trim(params[1] || params[0]));

        return obj;

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