Websanova url.js v2.0.0 for Web and Node.js Released

2015-09-04 JavaScript Node.js

It's been a while so we finally decided to rewrite an old goody to add some more features. The new version of url.js comes for both web and Node.js. It comes with some new features including proper tld and sub domain support. Also support for array parameters. Even with all the new features we managed to make the file size even smaller.

List of changes here:

  • Support for tld, domain and sub domain.
  • Comes in two versions url-tld.min.js and url.min.js.
  • Support for arrays in query and hash parameters.
  • Support for mailto: protocol.
  • Passing url('[]') now returns entire parsed object for url.
  • Passing url('?') now returns all query parameters as an object.
  • To get entire query string use url('query')
  • Passing url('#') now returns all hash parameters as an object.
  • To get entire hash string use url('hash')
  • The tld, domain and sub arguments are all disabled for the non tld version.
  • For tld version tld, domain and sub now return appropriate values (if tld matches).
  • You can now use url('/1') or just url(1) for fetching path parts.
  • Passing url('/') will return all path parts as an array.
  • Passing url('.') will return all domain parts as an array.
  • If no matches found returns undefined now in most cases.
  • Smaller file size, more efficient, simpler code.

As always, we hope you enjoy.

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