wCheck - jQuery Radio & Checkbox Input Plugin

2013-07-01 jQuery Plugin JavaScript

I find that the appearance of radio and checkbox inputs has always been limited. Some browsers have allowed some modification of these elements but for the most part it’s quite difficult to get them to look good and fit in with more colorful designs. We decided to make this plugins to give more flexibility to the appearance of these input elements. We wanted to be able to have more selector graphics than just a round circle dot for options and a checkmark for checkboxes. Maybe I want an “x” or some kind of triangle shape. Why should we be limited.

I originally designed this plugin using only CSS for the radio and checkbox inputs and used images for the selectors. However the CSS required to make the input elements look good was quite large and wasn’t fully supported on all browsers. I ended up using images for both, one image for the background appearance of the radio and checkbox and one image for the selector. This makes it easy to mix and match the designs and use whatever selector you like with whichever background you like.

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