Websanova EasyCache for Laravel Released

2015-08-30 Laravel Package

I've been using Laravel since version 4 and have been loving it. It is my framework and general solution of choice for all my projects moving forward.

In a couple of my pet projects I have built up a simple on demand caching mechanism which I have now released as an open source package for Laravel.

It works similar to Laravel's get() and find() methods but is now extended to also include cache().


$item = Item::cache($id);            // Get via integer.
$item = Item::cache($val);           // Get via string value.
$item = Item::cache($email, 'email') // Get from cache via email `$passthrough`.

$items = Item::cache();         // Paginated, using `$perPage`.
$items = Item::cache(true, 40); // Paginated with custom.
$items = Item::cache(false);    // No pagination (`get`).

There are more features that you can check out in the documentation on the official page on GitHub.

GitHub: https://github.com/websanova/easycache

Packagist: https://packagist.org/packages/websanova/easycache

Hope you enjoy, if you have any issues just leave me a note on GitHub.

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