wScratchPad 2.0.0 Released

2014-04-05 jQuery Plugin JavaScript

So after the whole is using my Google Analytics code debacle I thought it was about time to finally give this plugin a major overhaul. The new version takes care of many nagging issues that kept coming up on GitHub. It also removes my Google Analytics and social tracking codes for anyone using the code locally and should avoid any more copy and paste “accidents” like the one. There were a lot of issues on the GitHub page so please update to this latest version and drop me an issue on GitHub if anything else comes up.

Whats New in wScratchPad v2.0.0

Using latest wBoiler template code which makes the plugin much more stable. Better mobile support which should take care of many of the repeated nagging issues on mobile devices. Fix for cross-origin issue that was constantly coming up. Responsive support, you can now change the dimensions of the parent div directly and the scratch pad will stretch with it. I hope you enjoy the version and let me know if there are any issues through the GitHub link above.

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